2019 Music Review

2019 was a year of BIG numbers for me, I turned 60 in August and celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss with my beautiful wife Izzy.  The amazing thing about those crazy numbers is that it made me appreciate the many long-term relationships I am blessed to have in my world.  We celebrated my B […]

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2018 Music Review

The Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018.  Did anything really matter after that?  Even more shocking is that Philly folks became nice.  Seriously nice! I bet I had at least one enjoyable Eagles conversation every day for the first 6 months after the glorious win.  My partners and I closed the largest and most

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2017 Music Review

2017 was a hard year.  Personally, professionally, globally, politically, emotionally, you name it everything seemed like a challenge.  Music continues to be my happy place and something I turn to when I need a respite from life.  So I am happy to share my top albums for 2017 and look forward to a much better

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2016 Music Review

2016 will be remembered for the crazy Presidential Election and our new twitter- obsessed leader of the free world.  While we can all appreciate that the annoying 24/7 election coverage has stopped, the next four years will be, if nothing else, interesting.  I don’t want to make political statements in a music review but suffice

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2015 Music Review

It’s the holidays of 2015 and as I am writing my annual Top Album review, I’m thinking about my own year.  2015 presented some challenges both personally and professionally but as always, music gets me through!  How I listen to music changed for me and most music fans as streaming services opened up a vast

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