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2014 Music Review

It was a great year for music with lots of choices to make my list.  Oldsters and young bucks offered quality and genre-bending offerings.  I saw two legends this year for the first time, Jay Z and Willie Nelson.  Both entertainers have a surprising amount of qualities in common.  Willie and Hova are prolific and […]

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2010 Music Review

Once again Thanksgiving reminds us that another year will soon be in the books, and I begin to think about my Top 10 albums for the year.  Actually I have been thinking about it all year.  Since this represents my fourth year of a formal review, I take the responsibility all the more seriously.  For

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2009 Music Review

2009 marked some personal numerical milestones for me; I turned 50, celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss but most frightening my daughter turned 18.  How did that happen? So I am continuing a recent tradition with my yearly music review.  As I considered my favorites from the year it became obvious that many bands on

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2008 Music Review

2008 was certainly a year to remember!   We experienced huge shifts in the political, economic, and overall psyche of our country and world.  The United States will have its first African American president, the economy shifted into reverse after a long climb up, people lost 30-40% of their net worth over what seemed like a

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